Dr. Rubén Francés

Professor of Immunology, Universidad Miguel Hernandez (IDiBE associate researcher)



Molecular Diagnostic, Prognostic and Therapy

+34 96 523 3796


  • Our main line of research focuses on the immunobiology of bacterial translocation and inflammation in the gut-liver axis, with a multidisciplinary approach aimed at understanding the interaction between the microbiome and the Immune System and identifying new potentially useful targets in the recovery of homeostasis in advanced chronic liver disease and in inflammatory bowel disease.


  • Previous positions:

1. Postdoctoral researcher at the Boston Medical Center, Boston, USA, 2003-2005.
2. Senior researcher of the Spains’s National Health System, 2006-2018.


  • PhD in Molecular anad Cellular Biology, Miguel Hernández University, Elche, Spain, 2001.
  • Degree Biology (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain, 1998.


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