Dr. Nuria Martí Bruña

Professor, Universidad Miguel Hernandez


Molecular Diagnostic, Prognostic and Therapy


Productus and process development by Industrial and Healthcare Biotechnology

Industrial developments for health ingredients

+34 96 665 25 76


  • Functional Beverages Formulation & Bioactive characterization
  • Nutricosmetic products development
  • Processing optimization for beverages companies
  • Bioactive compounds in wine, food and fruits products & By-products


  • Previous positions:
    1. Predoctoral fellow: Technical personal support (mode A) for research in the Laboratory and Pilot Plant Fruit Juices. UMH. AGENCIA VALENCIANA OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (2002-2004)
    2. Predoctoral fellow: Advice and technical assistance in the juice extraction area”. Establishment of reference Fruit juice Laboratory and Pilot Plant. JBT-Food Tech- IBMC UMH, R & D Alliance (2000-2002)
    3. Julia Roch e Hijos S.L. Winery Jumilla, Murcia. Thesis Degree (August /December 2000)
    4. Quinton Laboratories, (June /February 1998-1999)
    5. Riverbend Epaña S.A. Industrial Training. (June/November 1997)
    6. CEBAS-CSIC Murcia. Training and Undergraduate Project (January/ December 1996-1998)
  • Postdoctoral positions:
    1. Visiting Professor. Davis University, California – Viticulture & Enology Department (April/September 2010)
    2. Visiting Professor. Agriculture and Agrifood of Canada, Pacific Research Centre, British Columbia (May/September 2008)
    3. Visiting Professor. Agriculture and Agrifood of Canada, Food Research Program, Guelph (June/September 2007)
  • PhD in Food Science Program (UMH)
  • Degree in  Agrifood Technical Engineer &Enology


GIMÉNEZ, T. ET AL. (2019)

Process Biochemistry, DOI: 10.1016/j.procbio.2018.11.008

Lipase catalyzed deacidification of tocopherol-rich distillates obtained from natural Vitamin E sources

SAURA, D. ET AL. (2017)

Journal of Food Science and Technology, DOI: 10.1007/s13197-017-2619-3

Non-enzymatic browning due to storage is reduced by using clarified lemon juice as acidifier in industrial-scale production of canned peach halves

VEGARA, M. ET AL. (2016)

Food Chemistry, DOI: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2015.06.027

Physicochemical characterization of pomegranate wines fermented with three different Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strains


Food Chemistry, DOI: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2015.03.008

Characterization of polyphenols, sugars, and other polar compounds in persimmon juices produced under different technologies and their assessment in terms of compositional variations

GONZÁLEZ, E. ET AL. (2015)

Journal of Food Science, DOI: 10.1111/1750-3841.12772

Physicochemical Characterization of Pure Persimmon Juice: Nutritional Quality and Food Acceptability

VEGARA, S. ET AL. (2014)

Food Chemistry, DOI: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2013.09.122

Chemical guide parameters for Punica granatum cv. ‘Mollar’ fruit juices processed at industrial scale


Método de producción de pectina modificada de cítricos

Inventors: Domingo Saura, Nuria Martí, Vicente Micol, Lorena Funes, Salud Vegara, Galina Ignatieva, Enrique Barrajón, Manuel Valero, Pedro Mena, Rafael Martínez, Mª Remedios Berenguer, Miguel Moliner
Titular: UMH
Reference: 201301183

Equipo de expansión instantánea a vacío y ultrasonidos

Inventors: Nuria Martí, Domingo Saura, Vicente Micol, Salud Vegara, Enrique Barrajón, Manuel Valero, Rafael Martínez, Mª Remedios Berenguer, Eulalio Bernat
Titular: UMH
Reference: P201200830

Obtención y purificación de carotenoides a partir de subproductos de la industrialización del caqui y aplicación en alimentos y bebidas de carácter funcional

Inventors: Domingo Saura López, Nuria Martí Bruñá; Manuel Valero Roche, Sara Gea Botella, David Mula Muñoz, Jesús Olivares Roldán, Salud Vegara Gómez, Nieves Muñoz Mateo, Concha Martínez Madrid, Ignacio González Ochoa, Ramón Vidal Daniel, María Herranz López, Bernat Soria Escom
Titular: Mitra Sol. Technologies S.L.
Reference: ES2694437 (A1) (20/06/2017)


  • NUTRACITRUS S.L. UMH spin-off (since 2005)
  • MITRA SOL TECHNOLOGIES S.L. UMH spin-off (since 2013)


  • 2010. 1er Award TROPHELIA (National Phase of the International Award) to the Best Innovative Food
  • 2010. Special medal Doctor Balmis to the Scientific Investigation of the Scientific, Literary and Artistic Cultural Club of Alicante
  • 2006. 2nd Prize BIoVal to the best idea as an innovative company. NutraCitrus S.L.