Dr. Ángel Nadal

Professor of Physiology, Universidad Miguel Hernandez


Molecular and Cellular Design


Environmental Signaling and Disease

Diabetes Research Unit

+34 96 522 2002


  • We work to understand the role that estrogen receptors ERα, ERβ and GPER1 have in the physiology of the islet of Langerhans. This will give light on how estrogens influence the plasticity of the endocrine pancreas during the adaptation to pregnancy and obesity. We are interested in the role that endocrine disruptors, particularly those with estrogenic activity, have in the etiology of Diabetes.


  • Previous positions:

1. Associate Professor, Department of Physiology, Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Spain, 1998-2009.
2. Lecturer in Physiology, Physiology Group, King’s College London, London, UK, 1995-1996.

  • Postdoctoral positions:

1. Department of Physiology, Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Alicante, Spain, 1997-1998.
2. Physiology Group, King’s College London, London, UK, 1993-1995.


  • PhD in Chemistry, Neuroscience Program, Institute of Neurosciences, University of Alicante, Alicante, Spain, 1992.
  • Degree in Chemistry (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Autonomous University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain, 1989.


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Utilización del 17beta-estradiol, sus análogos y derivados en el tratamiento de la diabetes mellitus y sus manifestaciones

Inventors: B. Soria, A. Nadal, C. Ripoll, J.M. Rovira, E. Andreu, O. Laribi y T. León-Quinto.
Number: P9800625.
Date: 24 de marzo 1998
Countries: Spain