Dr. Cristina Ripoll Orts

Professor, Universidad Miguel Hernandez




Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders

Diabetes Research Unit

+34 966 652 009


  • Role of endocrine disruptors, particularly Bisphenol-A, in the etiology of diabetes: we study how exposure to EDCs across lifespan affects insulin sensitivity and the function of the endocrine pancreas. Particularly, we have an interest in how endocrine disruptor´s exposure during pregnancy affects offspring glucose metabolism later in life.
  • Role of estrogen receptors ERα, ERβ and GPER1 in the physiology of the islet of Langerhans: how estrogen shape the plasticity of the endocrine pancreas during the adaptation to pregnancy and obesity. 
  • Mechanisms and signal transduction pathways that regulate the secretion and function of pancreatic alpha, beta and delta-cells, both at cellular and molecular level. We also study systemic conditions associated to diabetes and obesity, such as hyperglycemia or excess of fatty acids, that lead to dysfunction of pancreatic cells or compromise their survival. 


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Utilización del 17beta-estradiol, sus análogos y derivados en el tratamiento de la diabetes mellitus y sus manifestaciones

Inventors: B. Soria, A. Nadal, C. Ripoll, J.M. Rovira, E. Andreu, O. Laribi y T. León-Quinto
Number: P9800625
Date: 24 de marzo 1998.
Owner: Universidad Miguel Hernández 
Country: Spain