Innovation Office

IDiBE has had an Innovation Office since 2018 thanks to funding from the Valencian Innovation Agency (INNTAL11/19/011; INNTAL1/2021/11; INNTAL11/19/011). In 2022, we obtained funding to convert it into a Business Innovation Scientific Unit (INNVA2/2022/8). Thanks to these projects, we have two full-time people to promote the transfer of knowledge to the productive sector.

But the transfer of the IDiBE starts much earlier. In its two decades of history, more than 35 patent applications have been filed, most of which have been licensed, and 11 spin-offs have been founded based on the developed technologies at the institute.

Our research groups are open to collaborate with innovative companies to develop and transfer new knowledge. 

Do you have a need in your biotechnology company? Do you want us to analyze a collaboration?