Dissemination is essential within the IDiBE philosophy, since bringing scientific knowledge closer to society is an important task. We advertise these activities on our social networks and also within the news section of this website. To carry out this activity we have various programs:

Science with Tapas: in this activity we combine the holding of informative talks by IDiBE research staff or invited staff and after the presentations, we invite tapas and refreshments, which also encourages an informal debate to take place. We hold several sessions a year, one of them always related to World Day of Women and Girls in Science, which is celebrated on February 11. In this link you can see the science with Tapas that we carry out for this reason in 2024.

IDiBE Scientific Conference: once a year, the research staff of our institute presents their work in a conference open to people from institutes, other research centers and the general public, in an informative way so that they understand what work we do at IDiBE. In this link you can see the Conference that we hold in 2023.

High school visits program: in parallel, we receive visits from schools to whom we explain our facilities and our work with the aim of, among other things, promoting scientific vocations.

We carry out other specific initiatives and collaborations with various entities. If you have any proposals, contact us and we will discuss how we can collaborate.