Our lines of research

The different research groups are organized in two research programs: molecular biotechnology and preclinical biotechnology. These programs contain several lines with specific objectives in which several groups are involved, in this way we favor interaction and collaboration among IDiBE members, optimizing resources and improving the results obtained.

Molecular Biotechnology

Preclinical Biotechnology


Bioactive Molecules


Peripheral Neuropathies

Biosensing and biorecognition

Diabetes Research

Liver and GI Diseases

Antiviral Strategies

Hard to Treat Cancers

Institutional Statement on The Use of Research Animals

The Research, Development, and Innovation in Healthcare Biotechnology in Elche (IDiBE) has joined the  Agreement on Openness on Animal Research, promoted from the Federation of Scientific Societies in Spain (COSCE), with the colaboration of the European Association of Research Animals (EARA), and launched on 20 September 2016.