Development of biomolecules (CLEVER) is a platform that assembles the know-how and technology aimed at the identification and development of bioactive molecules from computational tracking (in silico) to their therapeutic, nutraceutical and/or cosmeceutical validation. It uses natural and synthetic chemical libraries and brings together pre-clinical assays and models to characterize the function of active molecules. Additionally, it provides analytical technology to characterize their pharmacological properties. For natural chemical libraries, it includes a pilot plant for scaling up optimization of plant extracts.

Platform coordinator: Enrique Barrajón ()

Some of the equipment that is part of the CLEVER technological platform is listed below:


  • 2 high-throughput clusters for molecular modeling and virtual screening.
  • 1 cluster of computers with a total of 4 Intel Xeon nodes and up to 40 processors.
  • 1 high-performance cluster for scientific computing provided with 8 nodes with Intel Xeon
  • Platinum v5 8160-2.1GHz and Intel Xeon Gold 5120 processors, with 24 cores each, and Tesla V-100 or Nvidia CUDA graphics cards.