Dra. Asia Fernández Carvajal

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Miguel Hernandez University



  • High throughput screening.
  • Discovery and development of anti-nociceptive drugs.
  • Structure-function studies on ion channels.


  • Previous positions:
    1. 1988-1991: Predoctoral Fellowship from M.E.C.: Department of Neurochemistry. Medicine Faculty University of Alicante.
    2. 1992-1995: Postdoctoral Fellowship from European Comunity. Investigation in Neuroreceptors and ionic channels.
    3. 1988-1997: Lecturer in Biochemistry. Department of Neurochemistry. Medicine Faculty. University of Alicante.
    4. 1997-2009: Assistant Profesor of Enzimology and Biochemistry. Department of Biochemistry and molecular. UMH University.
    5. 2009-2017: Associate professor (Tenure), UMH, Spain.
    6. 2017-present: Professor,UMH, Spain.
  • Postdoctoral positions:
    1. 1992-1995: Postdoctoral Fellowship from European Community. Investigation in Neuroreceptors and ionic channels.
  • PhD with Honors at the Neuroscience program, Institute of Neurosciences, Universidad Alicante (Director: Prof. José Manuel González Ros, 1992).
  • Degree in Biochemistry (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).