Dra. María Concepción Martínez-Madrid

Professor of EDAFOLOGY AND AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTRY., Miguel Hernandez University



  • Functional Beverages Formulation & Bioactive characterization
  • Nutricosmetic products development
  • Processing optimization for beverages companies
  • Bioactive compounds in wine, food and fruits products & By-products


  • Previous positions:
    1. Predoctoral fellow: Technical personal support (mode A) for research in the Laboratory and Pilot Plant Fruit Juices. UMH. AGENCIA VALENCIANA OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (2002-2004)
    2. Predoctoral fellow: Advice and technical assistance in the juice extraction area”. Establishment of reference Fruit juice Laboratory and Pilot Plant. JBT-Food Tech- IBMC UMH, R & D Alliance (2000-2002)
    3. Julia Roch e Hijos S.L. Winery Jumilla, Murcia. Thesis Degree (August /December 2000)
    4. Quinton Laboratories, (June /February 1998-1999)
    5. Riverbend Epaña S.A. Industrial Training. (June/November 1997)
    6. CEBAS-CSIC Murcia. Training and Undergraduate Project (January/ December 1996-1998)
  • Postdoctoral positions:
    1. Visiting Professor. Davis University, California – Viticulture & Enology Department (April/September 2010)
    2. Visiting Professor. Agriculture and Agrifood of Canada, Pacific Research Centre, British Columbia (May/September 2008)
    3. Visiting Professor. Agriculture and Agrifood of Canada, Food Research Program, Guelph (June/September 2007)
  • PhD in Food Science Program (UMH)
  • Degree in  Agrifood Technical Engineer &Enology